Ask about our CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER CD+G Disks.

Rates start at $1.50 per title.  Click here for more information


 Karaoke entertainment can be done in 2 popular ways.  We can come to you with a full assortment of karaoke music and equipment or you can rent the music and equipment from us.  Whichever you choose, Magic Star Music can provide you with your favorite song selections and easy-to-use equipment.  Karaoke is fun, entertaining and most of all, inexpensive to rent.  The three formats we currently carry are Laser Disk (this format is no longer being manufactured since year 2000).  We still have one of the largest selections of music in the province in the Laser Disk format and can almost always assure stock is available when needed.  Next is VCD (Video Compact Disk). These disks are the size of a CD but also contain optional lyrics plus the famous cheesy karaoke videos.  The newest format is CD+G (also known as CDG).   We feature over 10000 songs in this format and we now have the ability to create your own Custom Made Karaoke Disks.  Call us for more information about renting karaoke.




These are some of the popular questions or answers that we always like our customers to know.

Q:  What songs do we carry? 

A:  We have provided links here to show you some of our selections.  Please click on the list which is most suitable for your needs.  Please note, these databases are large, and may take more than a minute on a slower connection. 


Q:  What is the difference between LASER DISC and VIDEO COMPACT DISC (VCD) ?

A:  On your TV, nothing!  Video Compact Discs look just like a regular compact disc (CD).  They are small, light, and play in a special DVD player.  Not all DVD players will run VCD's, so unless yours is a KARAOKE DVD PLAYER and specifically says on the machine that it supports VCD, we would be glad to rent you one (see pricing below).  Laser discs are double sided 12" discs that require their own laser disc player.  The benefit is that you get more songs per disc.  Both laser disc and VCD show the lyrics and background videos, there is no difference in quality of sound or picture.  Our newest format is CDG.  Looks like a CD but won't play in most CD or DVD players.  These are a great format but do not have the silly videos to watch.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  All costs apply year round excluding New Years eve.  To rent the karaoke machine is only $35.00.  Disks cost extra and are either $3.00 for VCD's or $6.00 for Laser Disks.  (prices are in Canadian Dollars)

If you are renting a system, here's how it breaks down:

Q:  How many songs on a disk?

A:  VCD's have 14 songs of an assorted variety of titles and artists.  Laser disks usually have between 24 to 28 songs per disk (double sided)  CDG Disks typically have anywhere from 17 to 30 songs

Q:  What do we hook it up to when we get home?

A:  You will need to provide a color TV and a stereo.  Stereo's can be a one piece unit or integrated amp with separate speakers.  If in doubt, ask us.  We also rent TV's or Sound Equipment separately if needed.

Q:  If we have a problem, can we call Magic Star?

A:  We are available 24 hours a day for technical support.  (it's always FREE)  We even have customers who have rented from other companies phone us up and here's what they say:

"We just rented a karaoke machine from (somewhere else) and can't get it working.  We phoned them but they are closed.  Can you help us?"

These are the customers we enjoy helping too because next time they need karaoke, we hope they'll come to Magic Star.

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  Magic Star Music has been a home based business for over 32 years.  Because of this we can proudly represent our customers 24 hours a day but by appointment only please.  

Q:  Where do we pick it up?  Do you deliver?

A:  You will probably pick it up in Surrey or New Westminster.  We can deliver but there is a delivery charge and you would need to select your music first so we know which disks to deliver.  Use the links near the Top of the page to choose your music.

Q:  How many disks should we rent?

A:  The amount of disks you rent depends on you.  Every 5 disks you rent means you get the 6th one FREE!   

Q:  Is there a security deposit required?

A:  Yes.  We only require a $20 damage deposit by cash.  This is completely refundable. We do not accept credit cards at this time

Q:  Are you open on holidays?

A:  We always try to make ourselves available for our customers.  If in doubt, phone us to arrange an appointment.  604-589-2799

Q:  How many microphones are included?

A:  Two with every rental but more are available upon request

Q:  If we hire Magic Star to come out and entertain us with karaoke, what do we need to provide?

A:  All we need is to be in a dry location and preferably on a table.  (within about 20 feet of an electrical outlet is handy as well)

Q:  How far in advance do I need to book for:  Renting?  Hiring a Karaoke Host?

A:  That answer depends on many factors such as:  time of year, holidays, even the weather.  It is always recommended that you reserve your karaoke well in advance.

If we haven't answered all of your karaoke questions here give us a call or email us and we would be happy to talk to you.

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